Hiring and retaining key employees is the most crucial component to maintaining a successful business.Having the right benefits in place, gives employee’s incentive to build long term relationships with their employer.

When designing the right group plan, all aspects must be considered to not only benefit your employees, but also for the betterment of your business as a whole. With an array of benefits and providers to choose from, creating the right plan requires time and help of a licensed professional. In meeting with one of our brokers, we will ensure that your plan is customized to your specific business needs.


List of benefits:


Employee / Dependant Life Ins [*] :

An affordable way to protect you and your loved ones and provide a tax-free benefit in the event of death.


Accidental death or dismemberment [*] :

Provides added financial security in the event of a tragic incident.


Long-Term Disability [*] :

Replaces an employee’s salary if they are disabled for an extended period of time. Valid up to age 65


Short-Term Disability:

Provides replacement of income in the event of illness or injury for up to 6 months


Health / Paramedical Services:

Easy and affordable way for members to access paramedical services. Covering everything from massages to dieticians to therapists etc. Peace of mind that consultation is now easily accessible to all.


Dental Coverage:

From routine check-ups to surgical procedures, the dental plan makes visiting the dentist less painful.


Emergency Medical Coverage:

Provides employees with peace of mind when traveling to cover all emergency medical expenses anywhere in the world.


Prescription Drug Plan:

Cost effective way for members to access prescription drugs. Group Benefit plans offer a wide array of both generic and brand name medications.



[*] Additional coverage available

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