In a world filled with so much uncertainty, the importance of life insurance is more significant than ever.
Whether being used to protect your family or your business, this can be one of the most powerful tools in maintaining financial security for your successors.

In addition, a solid and well designed life insurance plan can also serve as a rewarding investment throughout your life. Through the accumulation of tax-free interest and dividends, policies can be used as a highly efficient means of accumulating wealth and growing assets.

Using one or combining several of the following products, one of our advisors will be glad to design the most tax-efficient insurance solution specific to your needs

Whole Life Insurance – Participating & Non Participating Products:

Through the use of “dividends” and corporate “profit sharing”, participating whole life products are an optimal strategy for building long-term wealth and growth within a policy. With guaranteed cash values these policies are ideal for future cash redemptions or collateralized loans.

Universal Life Insurance:

Allows for policyholders to invest and accumulate their money tax free without compromising all the benefits of permanent life insurance. Depending on your risk tolerance, offers the choice of several investment vehicles such as segregated funds, GICS, Bonds etc…

Term Insurance:

Insurance products designed to provide peace of mind for the insured(s) for a pre-determined period of time. Ideal for protecting debts and providing the right amount of insurance coverage at the lowest possible cost.

Mortgage Insurance:

In the case of death or disability, this special coverage will pay off your mortgage leaving our heirs with a debt free asset.

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